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Olympus and Panasonic have announced a new camera standard with no
mirror, EVF and interchangeable lenses.

So, you are looking at a LCD instead of a real image?

Classic mirror-flip SLRs show a false image -- what is shown in the
viewfinder is not the image currently impinging on the recording surface
(whether it is film or an electronic sensor) but an image bounced off a
mirror, round a prism and through assorted other lenses before it gets
to the camera user's eye. Hopefully it is calibrated accurately and the
viewfinder image's focussing matches the recording surface, otherwise
there's a lot of out-of-focus shots and an expensive trip to the camera
repair shop.

An EVF shows the user what the camera's sensor is seeing, not a
guesstimate of exposure and focus.

No thanks! Why would anyone choose to look at an LCD over an optical
view finder?!?

Image enhancement, preview zoom, movie mode, continuous pre-shoot,
high-speed continuous shooting, a whole range of reasons. Classic
mirror-flip SLR systems can't do these things, the new non-mirror
exchangeable-lens cameras will be able to. That's why mirror SLRs will
be left behind in the dustbin of history, in the same way wet-plate
chemistry photography was overtaken by "film".

Anyway, I don't care what Olympus and Panasonic are doing to be honest,
which says it all.

Yes, I suppose it does.
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It might well happen, but it will hardly happen overnight.

This kind of change will be gradual, perhaps we have already seen the
beginning with the recent introduction of "Live View" LCDs on DSLRs.

The resulting Mirrorless Cameras will still be a breed apart from the
average Joe's P & S.

I am sure there will be new problems to replace "Mirror Slap" and "95% View
Finders". Some of those new problems might well be much worse than the old

And there will still continue to be stupid and pointless, arguments about
which users, (of Camera Types), are the least intelligent.

BUT, it will still be, and always has been, "Choose and Use what You Like".

Roy G