Re: Is it my card reader, Miss Jones?

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007 11:17:16 -0400, Robert Coe <bob@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Since the problem affects processing as well as downloading, I doubt that the
card reader is the whole problem. My guess is that your computer is
underpowered and, in particular, that it doesn't have enough memory. It should
have at least 1GB; and if it has less than 512MB, it is seriously underpowered
for the application. Assuming you're reasonably familiar with Windows XP, go
into the Task Manager and check the memory usage. If the logical memory usage
is above the amount of physical mamory on the machine, you're in trouble. The
Windows paging algorithm is notoriously slow.


Okay, I just threw a 4GB card with 3.6GB of 381 RAW files on it into
my reader. I opened the desktop rig's Windows Explorer (nee File
Manager) tree and copied the files from the card to my WD My Book Pro
II external back-up drive. I closed down all open programs.

When I started downloading, the transfer window said "24 minutes
remaining." Files downloaded at the rate of 10-13 per minute, an
average of about 6 seconds each. The Task Manager said CPU Usage ran
under 10%, Page File Usage flat-lined at 409MB, available Physical
Memory held steady at 1.42 GB. Clearly, there doesn't seem to be a
lack of system resources.