Re: Canon 50mm 1.2L 'Protection' Filter?

"Frank" <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5uedncaFOfW2nhnbRVnytgA@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I know this is going to sound like a really daft question, but I have just bought a Canon 50mm 1.2L and don't know what protection
filter to buy for it. There are so many!

I usually don't like using any protection on my lenses, as I want it to be as it left the factory, however looking at the front of
it, it looks like it has a stupid design that is going to be susceptible to dirt and moisture ingress.

Therefore, any recommendations on a decent 72mm filter to use to protect/seal the front of the lens that won't affect the image in
any way?

Ignore the advice directly above - most UV filters are colorless and
even if not, the AWB of the camera will compensate in digital, or
the printer will with film. Adding color casts to slides seems silly unless
there is a specific reason for doing so - and if you add it to one of
your lenses used for shooting slides, you would want to add it to all
of your lenses to keep good color matching among your lenses. Hoya
single-coated UV filters are an economical and high quality solution
(more expensive filters offer nothing of real value...) . A UV filter
offers good protection (especially if a proper lens shade is added)
for expensive glass, with none but "theoretical" downsides to its use...
David Ruether