Re: On the fence..Nikon D80 vs. Canon XTI

On Mar 21, 8:21 am, wrote:
I am in the market for a DSLR and was wondering if I could get some
input. I am interested in buying a new camera and have heard good
things about both the Canon Digital Rebel XTI 10.1 and Nikon D80. I
was hoping to stay below the $1000 if I could which makes the XTI more
favorable however, my dad has roughly 5 Nikon lenses at home and it
would be nice if I was able to use them. The lenses he has were
bought for his Nikon (1970's can't recall the model) I am told that
the picture quality will be reduced if an older lens is used on a
newer DSLR. I am aware that I can purchase an adapter so I can use my
Nikon lenses on the Canon but I wasn't sure how the adapter works and
if there was any loss of quality. I am a 4th year industrial design
student in Boston and lately I have had a high need for nice high res
photos esp in the building of my portfolio. I wouldn't consider
myself an amature but I am far from professional. I have been
shooting on my Nikon 8008s for years and I love it. Any advice you
can give would be great. I am not necessarily stuck on these two
cameras, however they seem to be reasonably priced and powerful enough
for what I'm looking for. Thanks for your help

- Jesse

1st of all the kit lens on either camera is nothing to write home
about, a slight advantage to Nikon. Nikon does make an 18-70 kit lens
that is well thought of, would be better than the 18-55 or the
Your dad's lenses sound a little old to operate on the Nikon, you have
to determine if they are Ai or AiS lenses, if they aren't they will
not work on any Nikon digital, can be converted for $40-50 per lens.
The lenses won't meter on the D80 anyway, they would meter on a D200
the next step up. The viewfinder on a D80 is fine for manual focusing,
I have several manual focus lenses. Metering is less of a hassle with
digital than with film, use histograms, but some knowedge of the
exposure is necessary (light meter). If these are siginificant lenses,
55 f3.5 micro, any 85 or 105mm, any f2.8 or faster telephoto or
telephoto over 200mm, sub 50mm lenses again f2.8 or faster, they maybe
worth converting.
A "normal" lens on a digital Nikon is 28mm-35mm so your wides become
normals, I like a 24mm on mine, always used a 35mm for film.
If your Dad's lenses seem to be just basic lenses (say a 50 f2, 35
f3.5) there is no reason to convert the lenses. Then you have a choice
Nikon or Canon, the D80 is built better than the Rebel XTI, neither is
anything to write home about, with Canon the 20D is where their
cameras become interesting and a match or a little better than the
D80. With Nikon the D200 is a little better than the 20D or 30D. If
you want to use high ISO a lot, then right now Canon is your choice
(again look at the 20D).
The issue of 35mm sized frame, unless you are looking serious at
spending $2500 for a camera in the next 5 years, is a nonstarter. Most
good lenses in either system will cover a 35mm frame anyhow.
Hope this helps,