Re: Olympus E500

> Miriam Agron writes ...
>Would appreciate information regarding this camera. I've used
>nothing but film cameras in the past - nothing but Nikon.

If you still have good Nikon glass then I'd recommend buying a Nikon
dSLR since it will take these lenses.

> I would appreciate your comments regarding this camera.

Critics of the 4/3 concept point to two things ... 1) they are locked
in to a relatively small sensor compared to what Nikon and Canon have
available and while that may be OK today it's not clear if it will be a
fatal handicap as larger sensors become available cheaper for the 35 mm
based guys. Usually you expect a tradeoff in weight and bulk with a
smaller format but you don't get that with the current 4/3 models.

The second warning light is the big losses Oly posted last summer and
fall in the division that makes these cameras ... I think for the two
middle quarters they posted a 36 billion yen loss ... a big chunk of
that was one-time costs associated with the changeover from film to
digital and laying off several thousands workers but they are still
running (smaller) operating losses. Since the rest of the company is
profitable it's worth pondering how long Oly will continue to support
4/3 if it keeps losing money at this rate. And right now we're in the
boom phase as people are switching from film to digital ... if they
aren't making money now you wonder how they'll do when the digital
growth rate slows, as it inevitably will. If they turn this around and
are profitable that's a good sign for them, but if they keep on losing
money you'd think they'll drop 4/3 or sell it off (if they can find a
credible buyer).

If those two things don't concern you then it's a good buy :)



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