Re: Correct D70 USB cable?

"Martin Smith" <martsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I purchased a Nikon D70 secondhand.
> Its USB socket appears to take a square plug and has four pins. But
> the cable supplied has only two and, while it fits into the socket,
> only occupies half of it.
> IOW the plug is flatter, the same as those supplied with consumer type
> cameras.
> The camera will not connect via USB. Is the cable wrong, or is this
> another problem?
> Thank you,
> Martin Smith

Ok, first the USB end to the computer is about 1/2 inch long and very flat,
you can see connectors inside the plug. In addition, the top of the end
that goes into the computer has a diagram on it, showing it's up.

The end that goes into the camera is a USB Mini B (technical name), but
looks like a very small 'D'. It goes to the camera.

If you don't have the correct cable, don't and I mean don't try to use any
other type of cable to the camera, because if you do. it's toast.

Register the camera on Nikon's website, set up a user ID and Password, and
you can download the manual, either a print version or a non-print version.
Go to the Nikon website in your country of origin, i.e., if in
the USA.

Read the manual, on how to operate the camera, then purchase the Book "Thom
Hogan - Complete Guide to the Nikon D70 and D70s, second edition. Read that
book. After reading the Nikon Manual, play around with the camera, learn
the buttons, then read the Thom Hogan book and play around with the camera
and play with the buttons.

Then if you really want to get good, I suggest some classes on photography,
your local community college, if you have access to one, is a good start.
Some camera stores have classes, check out the authorized Nikon places where
you live and ask them.

If you don't have a lens with the camera, I would suggest the kit lens that
comes with the camera as a start, it's pretty good for the money. There are
better ones, but it's not that expensive and does a good job, and at this
point unless you have lots of experience it will do fine for learning and
becoming familiar with the unit. Any Nikon distributor can sell you the USB
cable, but a cheaper option and easier was suggested, but a card reader and
use that to upload the pics to the computer. Many companies sell "Photo
Printers" which have card readers built into them. My suggestion is not to
purchase an HP printer, because the inks are very expensive for the amount
of copies you get out of it. Epson is what I would recommend, canon would
be my second choice.

Have Fun.



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