Re: How to price digital files, rather than prints...

kasterborus@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I photographed a family event recently and I've sold about 60 prints on
> line to the various attendees.
> Today the client asked me if I could supply digital files so he could
> use to create a photo album.
> I really don't know how much to charge for the "right to print". On
> the one hand I want to keep him as a client, but on the other I don't
> want the relatives who have purchased prints to find out that I could
> have sold them the jpg files.
> Also I try hard to get good quality Fuji and Kodak prints, whereas
> uses a 4 color ink process, with no mention of color
> profiles, or quality. I think the albums are priced around $35 for 120
> pictures.
> Bottom line - I need to charge $150 minimum for a complete set of JPG
> files - but usually I wait for 12 months before offering this option.
> I'm really not sure how to deal with this situation.
> Any ideas?
> Dave

Once you are really a professional, you need to establish the rules and
stick to them. The customer needs to know what the rules are when the
commission you to start with and there should be no changes to the rules.
The rules should be spelled out in the contract. The "usually I wait for 12
months" does not sound good. Either you do or your don't.

Joseph Meehan

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