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> CFB,
> Not to belabour the point, but you were originally talking about: "I think
> the look of 35mm is more realistic". Realistic? Meaning what? In what way is
> it different from Fidelity? Then you introduce "art".

> This is a nother
> dimension. Art photography is more with rendering a mood, posing a question,
> etc. It may have very little to do with replicationg the scene we see. Of
> course, if you prefer the "looks" of film image... I have no more to say.
> ;-)

Yes, apologies, I do swing that around without explanation. Reality as
in having emotion, evoking a feeling, alive, yada yada more bullshit.

"the conception that objects of sense perception or cognition exist
independently of the mind."

But me does likes looks of pretty flower on the lighty box thingy.

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> >
> > > I agree with you CFB. However, I would tend to ask the question
> differently
> > > in comparing Film cameras to Digitals.
> > > If we asked how well cameras reproduce what we photograph, would you
> still
> > > think the film camera does a better job? If so, how could it be? The
> film is
> > > not the only element. There is the lens, the camera, quality of lens and
> > > camera, the type of film and ISO, the developing studio... I don't even
> know
> > > if it's possible to compare. By and large though, comparing "equally
> well
> > > photographed scenes", what measure of reproduction fidelity would both
> > > offer. Would the film camera do a better job than, say a Canon 20D?
> >
> > My point was that there is no "better". You'll spend a life trying to
> > figure all that out and you'll miss a million photographs. "reproduction
> > fidelity"? Words like that have no place in art. If your trying to get
> > film images from a digital camera one should buy a film camera. The idea
> > of comparing the two hurts my head.
> >
> > I like the look of film images. I do not like the look of digital
> > images. Preference.
> >
> > Peace.
> >
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