Re: Warning about Brooklyn camera vendor (

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005 18:14:19 -0700, Bill Funk wrote:

>> I haven't yet contacted the BBB of New York (been pretty busy lately)
>> but I will file a complaint with them. I just wish I knew about these
>> reviews on the web BEFORE I bought from this unscrupulous brooklyn
>> camera outfit. When I called hotbuys electronics' toll-free number, the
>> person who took the call said they didn't know if it was new or used.
>> Go figure.
> Why would you buy from them?
> Oh, yes; low price.

One point I think he missed is that this dealer, although probably
not one of the best, is far from the worst. The camera doesn't even
sound like it was refurbished. It sounds "used" (a scratch, worn
label, no Nikon box). But with no complaint about missing items,
such as manual, batteries, etc. it sounds like he got a camera in
good working condition with more than one would expect when buying
from eBay. And also at a very good price ($140 plus S&H), based on
what you found:

> From what I can see in a quick look, over $250 is new,
> under $200 is used/refurbished. YMMV.


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