Re: 510 Pyro notes

ujazz32@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I wouldn't worry about trying to adjust your developer at this point.
It is what it is, and will remain so until it's used up, so I recommend
that you simply adjust your development times to suit.

Hi Pat.

It's good to see your posts, as I always learn something from them.
Where would one find the commercial grade of TEA produced by DOW? What
kind of pH increase could one expect by substituting the comercial
grade for the cosmetic grade? Are you enjoying the fall colors? I hope
all is well at your house.


I could not find any reasonable price for DEA, unless you call $76 for 500 ml reasonable. I think this is reagent grade, which we don't need. The change in pH from one grade of TEA to the other is not enough to make a difference. DEA would give about 1.25 more pH units than TEA at any dilution, but I would just as soon dissolve the developing agents in glycol for part A and use an inorganic alkali in part B to get any desired pH as pay the asking price for DEA.