Re: Pigs tail, part da sekond anna long

Piglett yawns not sure she heard Wascal right but then says very softly. Luv
u 2 Wascal u b karefulz, the she falls asleep and begins to snore softly.

SOFTLY mineown foot, her snors like a brazz band. O T gets down off the
washer and goes to another room. I dont realli kare, I iz glad herselfz iz
"Will in New Haven" <bill.reich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Jun 10, 6:16 pm, "Granby" <s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dat wuza knice knap. Stretches and goes for more food and water.

Dat Kitties is my venture, suchez az it waz. Fangu u all for komming to
me fru da nite. Now u hazta go fine dat lost kitty on rpca and being

Piglet gets more food and water and crawls back in the pile of now dirty,
clean clothes.

Wee will fine hisseff. You ress. Dat wuz sum adVENchoor.
<whispers>luv yoo</>
See yoo wen we com bak to da aria.