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Where,Oh where has my little cat gone?
Where, oh where can she be?
With her ears so short
And her tail so long --
Where, oh where can she be?

Testing to see if there is still life on RPCA. MLB


There is life on RPCA, but the pulse is weak.

If only someone could figure out a repost service between here and the
FB page.



I don't want to have anything to do with Facebook. I realize that you
have set yours up with privacy settings, but FB is notorious for
changing the "rules" and releasing information. If my messages were to
be forwarded to FB, I would simply have to drop out of RPCA.


I am with you on that. FB does not interest me. But I surely would like
to hear from some of the great "oldtimers". MLB

Cough Cough groan crunch pop squeak I can hear my bones creaking as I get
out of my rocking chair ;-)

I am still here just busy in Real life finally getting my ankle figured out
trying to lose more weight stuck at a point right now but losing inches
and going muscle. I can't wait to be back the way I was in High school and

Also I am 100% in agreement with Facebook specially with them in the news
your privacy settings don't mean crap your information is being used by
their partners now

Keep "rockin'" and I don't mean in the chair. It would be nice to be college weight, but for me that will never happen....I remember it was 111 but that was a century or two ago. Best wishes for the ankle -- that will take time. MLB