Re: (OT) "Paperless" Billing

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/begin minor rant

I'm all for paperless billing. I got tired of shredding anything with an account number on it. I don't live to shred paper. Paperless billing makes sense if you have a computer.

I consider myself a responsible person. When a bill is due I pay it. But like anyone else who isn't getting any younger I do need a reminder ;) So this one particular credit card company ticked me off. I'd signed up to receive email notifications rather than paper bills. I just closed my account with them and cut up the card. Why? Because I wasn't getting emails telling me when the bill was due. I WAS, however, getting emails telling me the bill was *past due*. Of course they tacked on exhorbitant late fees and penalties which made the balance go up even though I hadn't used the card all year.

When I called to complain about this the person I spoke with said, "You should still have gotten a paper bill." Sorry, but I didn't get a paper bill, and isn't that the point of paperless billing?! He said, "There's nothing I can do about it." Sure there is! You're going to take my payment for the entire balance over the phone, without charging me extra for doing so, then you're going to close my account. AFAIC this particular institution is using paperless billing as a way to scam customers out of late fees.

end minor rant//

Can you pay them monthly by direct debit? That's what I do. The utility companies estimate what you will use over a year and you pay a monthly amount straight from your bank account. At the end of a year it can be adjusted up or down if necessary.
I pay all my bills like that, gas, electricity, phone, council tax.

I won't do direct debit. I don't keep all my eggs in one basket ;) I pay all my bills out of the checking account; I transfer money from the other account (which earns a nice rate of interest) into checking as needed to pay my monthly bills (IF I receive a bill, and this is the *only* company from which I wasn't getting an email). Once I know what's owed (and the emails tell me that) I transfer the appropriate amount to checking. Then I log into the individual web sites to pay the bills from that account and print my receipt. I also save all the emails stating I've paid my bill. I have had no problems (for years) paying the monthly electric, water, etc. in this manner. I don't keep a lot of money in that account so no, I won't do direct debit.