Iris flowers and cats: toxicity?

I'm trying to find out whether the iris plant is dangerous for cats.
I'm talking about cut flowers in a vase, not flowers growing in the
ground or in a flower pot.

Does anyone here know the answer? I bought a small iris bunch
yesterday on impulse. I've never had any flowers or plants in my
apartment except cat grass. It was my birthday and I felt like
getting something small but special for myself. I was pretty sure I
remembered that they were safe for cats, but just in case, I put them
on a high shelf that the cats can't reach, until I had time to
research it and make sure.

Well. You have no idea how many different answers I've found on the
web. Some say the iris is poisonous. But what does that mean? Does it
mean a bit of indigestion, or death, or what? Others say it is only
mildly toxic. Some say it's only the bulb that's toxic (which
wouldn't be a problem, because I'm asking about *cut* flowers - no
bulb). Some say it's the bulb and the leaves. Some say it's the whole
plant. I don't know how reliable the information is, anyway.

I would prefer that people not respond with links, because (1)
chances are, I've already seen the site, and (2) it'll just be more
conflicting information and I'm already confused enough. So I thought
if I just asked people for their personal experiences, or experiences
that a friend had, or, if you're an expert on cat health, feel free
to impart info. Please be specific. If you know iris is toxic, please
say *how* toxic it is, and what it could do. And please say which
parts of the plant are toxic, and which parts are OK.


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