Re: Need a cat gracy recipe or a cat friendly gravy recipe

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On 09/18/2011 11:28 AM, Matthew wrote:
Limo who is 15 almost 16 has something wrong with her mouth it is not a
tumor or lesion the flesh under her tongue is staying inflamed. The vet
believe it is an auto immune disease. He put her on antibiotics in the
beginning they helped out a lot but are doing nothing now.

Currently treating with corticoid shot every couple weeks she goes back
week again. Probably put her on a permanent version of the drug. She
being pilled she runs and hides for hours if you miss getting her.

Well she has trouble chewing. We have found she will still drink the
or juices. So I have been squeezing various pouches out for her to eat.
have tried that liquid supplement ,chicken broth chicken stock gravy in
jars and cans she ignores it , tried the senior vitamin supplement paste
she ignores it. I even tried the gravy for dogs she ignores it while
Rumble gobbles it.
Done evaporated milk she will drink when she is in the mood. Kitten
ignores it

She will eat tuna and chicken from the can juices sometimes but really
to stay away from that too much processed junk in it a couple times I
is fine but need to find another source. I did bake some chicken the
day the juices from it she gobbled. I know how to make gravy but mine
always have onions and some other non furball friendly stuff. I do not
how flour effects cats since that is what I use to thicken the product

Anyone have had the same experience with a gravy gobbler. This probably
would benefit Rumble also since he is a gravy gobbler. There used to be
product called Just gravy but is no longer being produced in the US.

My vet does not have any recommendations. He is one of the ones that
try and push products on people for ridiculous prices

I have checked online all I find is people asking the same question or
sites that want you to buy some product

Any help is greatly appreciated

Have you tried baby food? MLB

she ignores it