Re: cAT tALK

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:18:27 -0500, CatNipped <L.T.Crews@xxxxxxxxxxx>

A comment on one of my videos made me stop and think. I carry on a
running dialogue with my cats, talking to them constantly. Ben is
always yelling downstairs "What? What did you say?" and I have to
answer, "Nothing, I'm just talking to Archer." It's always in a
high-pitched tone, not exactly baby-talk, but sort of like "Meow Chat"
in its grammatical errors.

How about you? Have any good discussions with your cats lately?

I find that they make lousy conversationalists. That does not stop me
from talking to them, nor them to me. I'm just never sure that we're
talking about the same thing, unless it's about food. Then we do come
to some agreement. I get them the food.