Re: Diamond - born 7/2003 RB: 10/22/2010

Mishi wrote:
I had to put my tuxie, Diamond to sleep this morning. Yesterday evening, his face was a bit swollen on his left side. I checked him over and cuddled him, and told him I was going to call the vets today so we could find out what was going on. I left him happily crunching his dry food, and went to bed. This morning he was hiding under the coffee table, and when I pulled him out his nose was all bloody. I called my vet and the secretary said the vet, Dr. C, had surgery today, but if I dropped him off the vet would see him between surgeries. I dropped him off and went to work. Dr.C called me about an hour later, and told me that Diamond had a sinus infection that damaged his sinus cavity, and it had eroded a blood vessel. That let the infection into the blood, and it went septic. His heart rate was very high, and his bp was extremely low; he said that he wasn't sure if Diamond would live long enough for me to get there. My boss ok'd my leaving, and I rushed back to the hosptial. When I got there, they gave Diamond to me, and I said my goodbyes, rubbing and kissing his forehead. Dr. C had to give the shot into the aorta, as there was very little blood in his leg veins. I told him I would take the pain away, and I did. I just transferred it to my heart.

I brought him home, and when DH came home we buried him in our back yard. He used to sit in the window upstairs and watch the birds and (sometimes) deer out there.

I miss my Diamond bug.


For the calling of names, please add Diamond, house of Stott.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry Mishi, one day you'll get used to the pain. I've lit a candle for Diamond.

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