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Lately I have seen a small possum (Young) coming and going and found a
tunnel under house through to crawl space so put a live trap out. Got
up this AM and found him in it.

Relocated him to a nice quiet wooded area outside of town with a
stream nearby and it is nice and safe for him (It). Left him a few
potatoes, apples & ear of corn so he has something until he settles
in. He has all day to check out his new home and find a den.

Hope he stays there!!

I've read that possums don't usually stay in the same place more than
two weeks. This seems to jibe with the fact that when I've known possums
were around and put fruit out for them, the fruit has been eaten for a
or two, then either left alone or apparently chewed and spit out,
some other sort of critter was chewing on it.


As in your sig....don't believe everything you *read*! Had a lage but
old early-model
Jacuzzi in backyard of my FL house. It was, natch, in-ground, and in a
space under'
it lived a whole family of opossums. I got to know them quite well and
they lived there
for *years* as I did nothing to harm them. Late a night, after I had
got the Jacuzzi
all warmed up with the heater, I would go out there in near-dark (had
a weak path
solar light) and turn on the spa switch for bubbling massage, and go
on in. More than
once, would open my eyes to see a very fat opossum strolling around
the octagonal
flat edge rail , completely ignoring the hoomin in the bubble water! I
had some fear the
first few years that unwelcome critter would *fall inl* with me, but
those little critters
are very sure-footed nocturnal beings. They got really fearsome-
looking set of teeth
but are not aggressive. I guess they liked it sleeping all day in the
dark under the
spa and its nearby covered machinery.


That sounds delightful! My experience with possums is somewhat limited.

Many years ago, there was a neighborhood cat that would come in through
cat door and eat my cats' food, which was in the kitchen. Sometimes the
would start a fight with one of my cats. I moved the food from the kitchen
to the master bath, hoping it would no longer tempt the cat to come in.
night a few days later, I was reading in bed when I heard a very loud
crunching in the master bath. I knew my cats didn't eat that noisily, so I
assumed it was the neighbor cat. As I started to get up to chase it out,
animal ran out of the bathroom. At first I thought it was a large rat, and
was petrified. I later found out it was a possum.

Several days after that, I heard a banging from the kitchen. The cat door
had tabs you could slide out to lock the door. Sometimes they would slip,
and it the door were in the right position, either the 'in' or the 'out'
would be locked, but the door could still be used in the other direction.
assumed that had happened, and one of my cats was trying to get either in
out. When I got out to the kitchen, I found that I was right about the
door, but instead of a cat, it was a possum trying to get out. I opened
door, then walked away from it, and he went out.

Someone in a newsgroup (I don't think it was this one) mentioned that
possums like fruit, so I started putting a small dish of dry cat food, and
small amount of cut up fruit in the garage. As far as I know, the possum
never came in the house. For several days, the food disappeared regularly.
Then I started finding chewed up fruit, so I stopped putting the food out.

A few months later, I opened the back door to let Lindy (RB) out (She
wouldn't use the cat door if I were there to open the door for her.). She
got halfway out the door, glanced to her left, and froze. Since the
machine is just to the left of the door, I assumed her interest was in
something behind it. I got a flashlight, leaned out and looked. There was
a mother possum with a fairly good-sized one on her back. I started
the food out, and the same thing happened as before.

A year or so later, there was the smell of something dead in my garage.
After a great deal of searching, the source was found to be a dead possum
behind some boxes.

That is my total experience with possums, unless you count the time I held
one at Steve Erwin's Australian Zoo. ;-)


You *held* a possum??!! Gotta give you a MileHigh Salute for that, my
dead body
would hold one. No, I never, ever attempted to feed the backyard spa
residents, as
yes, they do look rodent-like, I to this day have no idea what they
eat/ate (large family
of iguanas in the monster trees nearby but that's ridiculous as the
possums, fat as
they were (evidently eating good) were much smaller than the huge
iguanas. Now that
you inform me they like fruit, there was a banana tree back there as
well as an avacoda
tree and a mango tree, so I now realize the possums liked the menu.
My Akita would run into one infrequently but ignored them.
Since you mention the possum family you found, brought back really
older memory than
that gang under my spa.....long ago, in my hometown, Miami, I went to
my backyard tool
shed to grab a machete I had in there to hack big weeds with. Opening
the door, I was
face to face with a snarling, glaring Mama Possum standing over her
new babies and daring
the hoomin invader to take her on. The weeds got pretty high in my
yard before I ventured
to look in the shed again, and found it deserted of resident critters.


I'd have done the same. One doesn't mess with a Mama anything protecting
her babies.

The possum I held was an Australian ring-tailed possum and was tame. I've
also held koalas, ridden a camel and petted a dingo pup, a baby Tasmanian
devil and a wombat.



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