Re: They hurt my baby!!!

"Jane" <ladyjane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Someone broke into my apartment on wednesday. I got home to find a
big freakin' hole in the door.

They took two of my antique sewing machines, my old mp3 player, my old
digital camera, my old cell phone....and all of my Reese's Peanut
Butter cups (the monsters!).

The worst part is, they scared the Princess Rita so much that now
she's afraid of all strangers. She wouldn't let the policeman get
anywhere near her, she was afraid of the maintenance men, and she let
me pick her up and cuddle her! (for the record, she normally loves
all strangers, especially MEN, and she hates being picked up!).
I want to find those guys and beat them bloody just for that alone.
They hurt my baby! *sob*

So....the maintenance mess is a whole 'nother story. Apparently, they
interpreted 'THERE'S A BIG FREAKING HOLE IN THE DOOR!' as 'I've got a
loose screw somewhere', and didn't send maintenance until very late,
FIVE hours and 4 phone calls later, when it was too late to do
anything but board it up for the night. The next day, the contractor
was just told to 'go fix that lady's door', and wasn't told that I
needed a whole new door....that took a whole day, too.

I'm not sleepign well. Rita is clingy and fearful. Neither of us is
eating well. Meanwhile, I'm packing and looking for a new place,
because my friends are loaning me the money to get out of there as
fast as humanly possible. I have pictures of the door, and I call it
'Pictures of a broken lease'. - look at the album 'My worst fears'

Oh, Jane, that is so awful.
Your possessions can probably be replaced but do be glad that Princess Rita,
although traumatised, was not physically hurt.
A while ago I found a young Pekingese dog on the roadside a mile away, when
I was driving to the supermarket, he was looking very worried and lost. I
just had to stop and pick him up. I knocked on all the nearby houses and
soon found his owners.
They told me they just got him and the garbagemen had just been and had left
the gate open. He was a replacement for their teenager's Peke who had been
kicked by burglars so severely when they broke in two weeks previously that
he was unable to be saved.
Their daughter was so distressed as she adored him that her parents got in
touch with the breeder of the original Peke to ask if she had another one -
just in case it would stop her from crying all the time.
I have no idea who that breeder was, but when she knew what had happened,
she gave them, free of charge, that new youngster.
He was a charmer, I had him tucked under my arm while I was looking for his
people and he kissed me so much I wanted to take him home.
It must be an awful feeling of being violated and not being safe in your own
house you feel now. I feel for you. Whether moving is the answer, I don't
know. You could equally well be broken into in a new home.