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Not from where she was on the table but, I imagine any help would be
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I dreamed this and asked Lee if I could post. I had to change it from
meowchat so those who are less...unable to tolerate meowchat could read

A porter twinkles at Auntie Softs house and out steps O T with a basket of
food for the family. Piglett sent this food for u guys.

He notices Trudi is busy writing in a notebook and drawing diagrams. He
to her ask asks what she is doing.

Trudi: Well, this is a especially vulnerable time for this house. There iz
this big hole in our humans hearts since T V went to the bridge. She jumps
up in the middle of the table, she is allowed to do this as there is no
human food on it at this time.

Trudi: Ok u cats, I got it all figured out come on and get your
The other six cats come running and jump up on the table and some of the

Trudi: Now,this is the plan. Barbi, you an MH have the big sliding door.
of each side of it.

OEJ. U have the cat tree by the front window.

Tiger, u have the window in the bedroom.

Chester, u guard the front door.

Stormmee, U have the most important job, u have to keep Furry from looking
out of any of the windows. U have to be sure the ballgame is loud enough
the talkie box that Soft can not hear noises from the out.

O T admires all this organization but just has to ask what it is all

Trudi closes her notebook and explains.

We have to keep watch as this is the time when some cat from the OUT mite
try and move to the IN. We have ta keep a sharp watch to be sure they
get this done.

Doesn't she SEE Missy, standing by MH and holding his paw?

Will in New Haven