Re: Iceland volcano -OT-

Does anyone have a choice anyway? And I don't see any reason to wait
at the airport. The length of delays seems to be measured more in days
than in hours. Might as well go home, or back to your hotel, etc., to
wait it out.


Christina Websell wrote:

Well, here's a choice
1. Fly through volcanic ash and die as your plane comes down
2. Wait getting irritated at the airport as there is a delay.

No brainer.

"Granby" <spaz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
That was on TV the other night. The people that are getting mad because
they won't fly through and of that stuff just amaze me.
"Adrian" <anca@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
---MIKE--- wrote:
There was a reader's digest story many years ago about a 747 that flew
through volcanic ash and all four engines stopped. It had to glide
(over a mountain range) to reach a place to land. Also, the ash abraded
the windshield so it was almost impossible to see through it. The pilot
did manage to restart two of the engines. This was a true story.

I saw that plane on the ground at Heathrow Airport after that, I think it
was 1983, all the front widows were opaque and a lot of the paint was
stripped off. I really had to admire the pilot for landing safely.

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