Re: Awful nightmre (not OT)

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I've been prone to nightmares since I was a child and I sleep badly.
Last night I woke up at 4 a.m. Not unusual and I was awake for
awhile. I must have fallen asleep again and still thought I was
awake in my bed and I saw the front wall of my bedroom start to
crumble. The whole front part of my house started to fall and I knew
Boyfriend was likely to be asleep in the room underneath and as it
all crashed down to the room below I knew he would possibly be killed.
But then he rushed up the stairs to me and I picked him up to
reassure him. He was not OK though, he was covered in blood, his
chest was crushed, he was panting for breath and I could feel his
heart beating fast in my hands. I knew I needed to get him to the
vets immediately, but my car was also crushed by the falling masonry
so I didn't know how I could. I felt him getting lighter and lighter
in my arms and I knew he was dying and there nothing I could do.
I woke up then, sobbing.

I got up and looked for him. He was in his bedroom, under the duvet
and was not best pleased that I had woken him to check he wasn't

OOOOH, what a horrible nightmare - enough to even give me shivers, and I'm
the one who loves a good horror flick!. So glad Boyfie is OK and it was just
a dream, but sounds like you could use a comforting purr or two yourself.
Nightmares can be so freaky, even after you wake up and know they aren't
real, it doesn't mean the cold chills, the terrified feeling, and the knot
at the pit of your stomach goes away as quickly.