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Poor Vino, it looks like the antibiotics are making him sick.
This morning I got up to see that he had puked all over the
living room. And there was some runny poop in the litterbox.
So they are playing havoc on his tummy. He wouldn't eat any
breakfast either. I tried to get him to eat some yoghurt, which
he normally likes but he wouldn't touch it. I also can't get
him to take any more antibiotics because of this. I'm thinking
at this point the more important thing is for his tummy to calm
down so that he eats any food at all. The wound is healing
fine, I'm thinking it's not infected anyway. But he needs to
eat some food!
The one good thing is that Dennis seems to have figured out a
way to get home the "normal" way, so I won't have to be gone
overnight to pick him up in Perth on Thursday night. So that's
a big relief because I don't want to leave Vino alone, even if
it's for less than 24 hours.

Every cat I've ever had that had to take the pill form of Clavamox
couldn't take the full course of them. Rhett is on the pills right
now and has 2 more days out of 10 and hasn't gotten sick, but he's
the first I've had that can tolerate them. I think it's very
important to have the full round given, so maybe see if he can have
the liquid form? Not finishing the full course is usually what
contributes to "super bugs".

Purrs for Vino to feel better and eat soon.

Well, I can probably shove the pill down his throat with the pill popper,
but if he just pukes afterwards, what would be the point? Besides, he
wouldn't be getting any nourishment and I'm thinking this would make him
weak, which in turn would be bad for the whole wound healing business.
Sigh. I only got 3 doses out of 14 into him :-(
I am going to see if I can give him some lactobacillus supplements or
something and calm his tummy down and then have another go at it.
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I would call the vet and see if I could get a prescription for something to
calm the tummy -- and, of course, to discuss the whole situation and
possible change of medication.