First Day On The Road

We had an interesting day.

First, the rear view camera would not come on. Then the cruise control did not work. Then the XM Roady gave us a message "antenna". I was sure it was that booster. I pulled one of the wires without removing it. The receiver for the sensors worked fine without it, but it did not cure the problems with the camera and the cruise control.

I pushed some stuff on the screen of the radio and saw channels so I hit the next channel and the camera came on. Then I told Barry to push the 'on' button on the cruise control. It's usually active but I realized that when I put the booster in, I moved the battery cables so everything reset.

The XM was another story. The cable from the antenna had snapped. It was old and worn. It was too early to do anything at home so we went on our way and I plugged my smartphone into the charger and played Pandora, but the quality sucked. I tried to attach my iPod to the radio's USB thingie, but it didn't work. I will play with it again WITH the manual.

Checking the web on my phone, we saw that there is a new, small portable Sirius XM receiver and it was supposedly available at Radio Shack. I called one in Corpus and they referred me to another local larger store. They had an antenna!!! We got there, bought the *%&# expensive antenna. When I found out the price, I asked about the receiver but they were out of stock. I think I'm going to get one of those receivers as they are less than $40 on the 'net and the antenna alone was $40!

Music back on we headed north stopping for lunch in the rest area near Victoria.

I drove for about two hours but gave the wheel back to Barry before we reached Houston. I'm not the driver I used to be and all that traffic makes me nervous. Not afraid to admit it.

Camper got 10.5 mpg average with a lot of wind.

As we were going through Houston we hit several big traffic jams which reminded us of why we live in The Valley. Just north of Houston we ran into a huge thunderstorm "gully washer". The rain was so dense that we had to pull off the road. There was no visibility.

I am pleased to say that we have no leaks.

When it let up enough to drive, I noticed a line of electrical utility trucks along a shoulder so I suggested we stop and fill the gas tank in case we needed to run the genset.

We finally made it to the Passport campground in Goodrich, TX and had to pay $20 for the night when the most up to date info on my smartphone app said $15. The collector said they had to because of the electric. Oh well, free internet, water and sewer for $20 isn't bad. No cable, though.

We have a broken drawer guide on one of the kitchen drawers. We have it partially open so it will move. There is a bungee between its handle and the drawer below so it doesn't open and disgorge its contents on the road. We will ask the factory to look at it when we are there to get the ladder put on.

Our friend Shawn met us at the campground and took us to Livingston for a nice Italian dinner. It was great to see him. He's one of our favorite youngsters.

Rain finally stopped at around 9 PM.

Tomorrow night we hope to be in Oklahoma.

Janet Wilder
Posting from the Netbaby