Funeral for my Chi Com Generator

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 13:16:07 -0500, Neon John <no@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Neon John said I should share the demise of my prized Chi Com
Generator with the group. So here goes.

That little ETQ 1200 Watt Generator had been with me for 4-years
providing power for a little over 4-months of dry camping each year.

Well, it met a tragic end this winter in Key West when a fellow (lady)
ran over it. No joke, the dim wit drove through my site and ran over
my little Chi Com generator....... my little prize. She didn't just
knick it she plum ran over it with the front tire then got it again
with her back tire. By the time she was finished she had shoved the
pathetic looking thing about 8" into the hard limestone.

She gave me $100 for the thing and I had a funeral. Brought tears to
my eyes.

A neighbor had a brand new eu2000i Honda that he sold to me for $890.

I loved that old Chi Com ETQ 1200 Watt Generator...... but it would
have taken a week to get one via UPS from Northern Tool. I did not
want to be without a small generator for that long.

Now everyone knows the story behind my Chi Com Generators funeral.

Pensacola, FL