Re: Older Suburban Parts???

Removed the motor, and the seized bushing. cleaned it all up, lubed it
and put her back together. She's working and I have a call into
Suburban (they'll be back Monday) hoping to find a repalcement. If
not, I'll sell the coach, move into a cheap apt and save enuff cash to
buy a newer unit. The missus wants a flat (bad hip/knees). Thanks all
for your input!!!


On Dec 28, 7:00 pm, richard <mem...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 09:29:48 -0500, matt_colie wrote:
Steve R wrote:
Holiday greetings all! Came home and the ol' Suburban NT45S blower
motor is on it's last leg. Scoured the web, the 231646 motor is no
longer available. Does anyone out there have the same and find a

It's damn cold, trying to keep it alive for now...

This is sort of humorous.
I will admit that Steve was less than clear about this, but I don't
think that there is a GMC or Chevy model NT45S and 231646 is a lot of
digits short of a recent GM part number.
NT45S is a gas furnace for Rvs and such.
Rock Auto or Suburban Parts can probably supply a 12V fan motor that
could be made to fit.


Did you try oiling the bearings in the one you have?  Even if it does
not have a place to do so, you might be able to drip some in through the
Can you get it out and take it to a auto electric shop? They may be able
to clean, lube and pack it back together enough to make it work.  Call
first, some shops won't even be interested.

If you can't find one by part number, you are going to have to work a
lot harder.  It is still do able.  You will have to take the heater
apart and measure:
1 The shaft diameter
2 The shaft length
3 mounting stud or screw size
4 distance between mounting fasteners
   (My motor was mounted by two studs to a circular plate.)
5 the largest motor body diameter you can fit
6 the longest motor body body you can fit

1~4 have to be real close
5&6 are the maximum you can use

Look at the heaters book (I don't have any of that stuff here or I would
do it for you) the gas valve draws about 2 amps and the control board
almost nothing.  So if you find a motor that you can screw in and put
the blower wheel on and still squeeze it into the space available and it
is rated at about the unit original current load => Go For It.

Good Luck Guy


True suburban is a model made by Gm, but it is also a brand name or model
for a furnace. That was the first thing I thought of when I read the post..
But soon realized it was the furnace, not the vehicle. As I did search with
the part number.- Hide quoted text -

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