Re: insulating and re-roofing a park model

william boyd wrote:
william boyd wrote:
Romeo Raabe wrote:
We have a park model trailer with shingled roof, and acthedral inside
ceiling that could use more insulating due to ice dams (first winter
in a long time that we'vve had significant snow). Chipped off the ice
dam ech weekend that we heated it and the shingles took a beating.

Now what to do? Various strategies were suggested, cut holes from
outside, blow it full of insulation and put on new shingles that may
"cook" off in short time due to heat buildup OR put on a metal roof to
take the heat with no vening of the attic anymore, get heat strips for
the edge of the roof, take off old shingles put down an ice dam sheet
protector and re-roof with regular shingles as the heat bill is
negligable as its only heated weekends.

So many suggestions and no idea what might be best. Anyone been in
this situation and have ideas for me?

I suggest you go the roof over method.

Another company, But Google for Mobile Home Roof Overs. Find some one in your area. These things are Styrofoam insulated.

This is an example of the insulated panels.