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The first computer I was exposed to in 1960 was the IBM 709 (IIRC) and
it used vacuum tubes - 6L6 as I recall. That computer took up two
floors of a very large building. It was the missile impact predictor
for the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) in Thule,
Greenland. The 7090 installed at the next BMEWS sites had transistors
and were a fraction of the size. Today, your laptop has greater
capacity and speed than any of those computers. We've come a LONG way
in the last 47 years.

I helped build ECCM (Electronic Counter-counter Measures) equipment
for Thule - and we were still using tubes. Transistors were still
considered unreliable in those days.

Not to mention that tube gear withstands a nuclear EMP *much* better than
solid-state stuff.

Just had another memory jog - After I returned from Thule in 1961,
since I had actually seen the site, I was considered an "expert" and
as such was sent to the project office as a liaison from ADC. When we
had meetings with the primary contractor, RCA Service, they brought
many engineers and an old "Ham Operator" When a problem came up, the
"engineers would be tearing their hair out trying to figure out how to
fix it. This Ham would be sitting over in the corner and after a
while, he would speak up with a "put a resister in here, and a
capacitor in there and that would take care of the problem". The
engineers would confirm the "fix" but it took the Ham to come up with

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