Re: RV Antifreeze question

Jimi wrote:
I have pets around our place that I do NOT wish to harm... I have 2 waverunners which I ran Rv antifreeze into the pumps for a result there was a lot spilled in and around my driveway (pint to a quart)...The jug says 'Non-toxic" and there are NO warning lables.... I have all my garden hoses and outside water winterized or I would simply flush it away with a garden this stuff safe for pets?...Thanks

The question of RV antifreeze and pets came up on another group. Conventional wisdom is that it is safe but after a bit of research on the web it appears that RV antifreeze (Propylene glycol) may be toxic to animals but far less so than automotive antifreeze (Ethylene glycol).

Most articles I found on the web focus on human toxicity. The following
article gives a brief description of the toxicity for pets for ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and methanol. While I can't claim this site to be the authority on the subject it is one of the few that deals with toxicity to pets rather than humans and is consistent with the few other that I found.


It appears that pets are less likely to drink the Propylene glycol than Ethylene glycol because of the difference in taste. And Propylene appears much less toxic. While I wouldn't be overly concerned, I would recommend diluting or washing off any spills just to be on the safe side.

Richard McBane