JMAC wrote:
On Sep 6, 3:13 pm, Janet Wilder <kelliepoo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Call me Pollyanna, if you must, but I'm just not going to give up on my fellow human beings.

<much snipping throughout>

Nobody asks you to "give up on your fellow human beings" but did you
ever hear about the social process call enabling. Enablement is when
some refuse to ever see bad in others and refuse to ever punish and/or
censure others for that bad.

I think I've posted my fair share of "censure" to those whom I felt deserved it. <g>

Sorry, Janet, your rose-colored-glasses approach simply doesn't work
for the good of the order, it only helps you, the enabler, and allows
you to hide in a cocoon and be protected from backlash. Like I said
earlier, the head-in-the-sand approach.

No matter how sharp the words are, no one bleeds. No matter how many verbal swords are brandished, no one is cut. No one suffers any physical harm from Usenet, except maybe those who have such abiding hatred for others, or such deep-rooted anger that they harm themselves with their own emotions. My head's not in the sand. I just know what is real and what is not.

And put on your blinders to the negative?? That's sim[ply not a real-
life approach. That's like a little kid in a scary movie covering his
eyes till the scary parts over. That action teaches him nothing about
dealing with fear. It's a form of running away from reality (i.e. the
head-in-the-sand approach to life).

I'm not afraid of Usenet. Nothing on Usenet can hurt me in my real life. I can get pissed with some people here and I exercise my right to filter them or not respond if I chose.

IMO, anyone who has to look to Usenet for real-life socialization needs to get out more. <g>

Janet Wilder
Bad spelling. Bad punctuation
Good Friends. Good Life

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