Re: Re: Satellite Internet

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:35:53 -0400, bill horne <redydog@xxxxxxx>

If I'm going to be setting most of this stuff at or below the
default, what's the point of messing with it?

Some times you have to tune browser to your hardware and connection
(CPU speed, OS, memory, LAN/Internet connection type and so on) If you
are light on CPU and/or memory you might want to reduce settings. I
have several laptops here (about 7 last count) including a old Toshiba
with a Pentium 266 and 98 that I bought new long, long ago and I still
use it some on the couch as it is good on battieries and easy to read
with its 800x600 display. I found that with FireFox if I reduced some
of the settings below default that perfomance improved with it
surfing. What works best with it vs a new Intel core solo laptop I
have with 1.5 gigs of RAM is a different matter with browser settings
even though they share same WiFi connection in house. SOme times it
is trail and arror tweaking it and make sure to close browser and
relaunch it after making any changes. BTW, I have been using SeaMonkey
Beta (not older code wise released version) on my newests laptop for
several months and I update it to a newer build to about once a month
too and it does really well on it.