Re: OT 2000 Year Old Record Shattered

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005 01:01:04 -0800, DonLampson@xxxxxxxxx (Don Lampson)

> So you want to know what Prez Lampson would do NOW, do you? OK, here
>it goes.....
> I would tell our allies that we were leaving in six months, to make
>whatever plans they needed to make.
> I'd tell the Iraqi Gov, to point out who was actually involved in the
>genocide, now held as prisoners, and hang them all, starting with
>Hussien, so they could blame us for doing it, instead of the Gov.
> I'd arm everyone in Iraq to the teeth, saying that none of them were
>leaving with us, so they'd better organize, and train their armies
>well, because they were going to be on their own...
> I'd tell the Kurds to set up a nation of their own, and promise them
>air support.
> I would then apologize the military, and American people for my
>incompetence, and set up a special election, saying that I would resign
>when the last troops left Iraq!
> How does that sound! I've probably forgot a few things, but I've
>only been Prez for the last 15 minutes. What do you expect out of an
> Don

You wrote:
>What do you expect out of an armature?


Other than that, you at least presented your idea of a solution. Good.

My take on the results of your policy:

Immediate civil war in Iraq, followed by carnage, followed by
terrorist control of much of the country. IE:, Afghanistan all over
again, followed by another invasion of Iraq by us to kick out the
terrorist regime.