Re: bass flies

Daniel-San wrote:

Stay tuned for a bass fly swap...coming soon to a ROFF near you.

Cool, so the "trash fish" swap is still in the works?

In the meantime, my usual suspect for bass flies are all topwater deer hair concoctions. Mostly a spun head with various colored feathers and hair out the back. I'll toss a couple pics up over in binaries.

Plus gurglers ... and clousers ... and hoppers.

And I'm guessing that Wolfgang's Pass Lake in large sizes would work. (And I plan to find out if I can ever get some time on the water.)

...and don't forget the Madam X -- size 6 or so

Ah, so you've been using those, too? I don't know what the fish take them for, but I've had good luck catching Guadalupe bass down here on them. When fishing rivers I make a normal upstream cast and then let them swing downstream from me before retrieving. I probably get almost as many hits on the swing as on the drift.

Chuck Vance