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jimc241 wrote:
I'm still holding out for a Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Halloween

That would be cool, I was impressed that Page bought a special keyboard
for that R n R HOF gig, so he could get the Tony Banks sound
perfect...which he did.  So maybe he wants to use it some more.

It would be cool, but I don't know.  I guess the question is, do they go
with something well known, like they did with The White Album,
Quadrophenia, DSOTM (though that performance doesn't really count), and
Exile, or do they go with something more eclectic, like Remain in Light,
or Loaded? (Loaded was pretty well-known, but maybe not so much with the
younger audience...much like Exile, I would think).

Tough call, I could see them going either way...and I would be pleased
with whatever their choice is, just because I know they're gonna rip it
up, no matter what they play.  It might actually be more fun to hear
them do something less well-known.

I still remember the odd feeling at F8 (my first Halloween show) when
for the first time ever (for me) there were no surprises for 18
songs...everybody knew what they were going to play next...that's a rare
feeling at a Phish show, and slightly disconcerting.  But if they do
something less known, we still might not know the set list unless you
really know the Lamb, I don't own that album, so I don't
know the exact order.

Interesting stuff to consider.


i totally hear ya, last falls shows in Cincy REALLY brought me out of
a big slump. Dave and Megans kindness, the shows, the experience, it
brought me back to life, and iam so happy today for it.
as to ween choices, Lamb would be really fun, but iam still thinking
Physical Graffiti would be explosive!!