Phish reunion rumors?

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So there are a series of rumors tracing back to Trey (RS) and Tom Marshall
(popmatters) that Trey is ready to play with the band again. So this makes
me wonder once again -- what is Mike Gordon's Chicago Blowout, promoted on
the Magic Hat website? Little indication of when (Early September), where
(Chicago someplace), or who (Mike Gordon "curated") this would entail.
Could this be something that was set up as an undefined event that Mike
could turn into a Phish fest right in the center of the country and
accessible by from both coasts, sponsored by their hometown brewery -- but
which could just be a "summer variety show" if those plans don't
materialize? Just a guess. Are there still folks out there who would have
some contacts who could see what kinds of venues are getting booked for the
beginning of September?