Re: Is Jonas Kaufmann of Jewish Origin?

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As I'm sure you know, a name like Kaufmann which ends in 2 "Ns" is
usually a non-Jew whereas "Kaufman".. one N is usually Jewish. No doubt
there are exceptions of course.

Lots of people removed the second "n" back in the day, when they
wanted to distance themselves from their German roots (Charles
Kullman, for example, who wasn't Jewish, as far as I know).  I know a
number of people, many of them Jewish, who have gone to the trouble of
going back to their original family name, adding the second "n".  So
the "double-n rule" can't be applied consistently.


We have gone around in a circle, though an interesting one.  To return
to the original question, does anyone know if Jonas Kaufmann is of
Jewish origin...

Frank A.

Lets use a little common sense - in his autobio he says that he and
his family have lived in the Bogenhausen section of Munich for a long
time- he says his grandparents lived in the same apartment. He was
born in 1970 so I would think his grandparents lived there during the
Nazi era - if they were Jewish in any way I would think such a
continued timeline highly unlikely. Wagner fan