Kent WC-16

i got this off ebay for less than 50 bucks but had no time to try it

yesterday, after spending an hour trying to figure out how to install
it, i was very surprised with the result.

IMO, the pickup sounds great. More like a microphone than a pickup. It
is really warm and woody. What was irritating is that i cannot get the
"rod" thing to float. I cant imagine how older jazzers can take their
archtops with dearmonds to a gig without spending time tightening the
screws and adjusting the pickup. FYI, I went through a Trace Elliot
acoustic amp.

Oh, i had to buy a 3.5mm to 1/4 adaptor. I wonder why dearmonds and
kents do not use the standard 1/4 inch.

Well, for those who do not like the pickup and have one at home, sell
it to me