Re: Interesting comparison of 4 jazz guitars under $1200

On Feb 1, 9:14 pm, Stephan Patterson <stephan.patter...@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Here's an interesting article from Frets Magazine, winter 2006,
comparing four jazz archtops under $1200, all of them models often
mentioned in this group:

The models compared are :

Epiphone Emperor Regent
Ibanez AF105F-NT
Samick/Greg Bennett LaSalle JZ4
Stromberg Newport


Stephan Patterson (satisfied owner of an Epiphone Emperor Regent)

I have the routed AF105 (not the F), but agree with the reviewer that
it has a nice warm spongy round (175-ish) jazz tone when plugged in,
acoustically it's about the same as any laminate. I think the primary
jist of any laminate shoot out review should be the electric tone,
with the acoustic tone being secondary. Nobody really buys a laminate
with the intent to only use it acoustically.