Re: Lorne Lofsky with Oscar peterson

Ok. You're right and I'm wrong.

JP wrote:

The reason he is not suited, is that in this setting you need to hear is a
strong swing definite lines first and foremost.
And that doesn't happen in these clips. Is it not what the OP trio and
variants are all about?
Along with a one foot in the blues. And its not there.

JP and Ulf did this extremely well. They suited the OP thing..especially JP
who comes very much from the same bag.
Ulf has enormous technique and seems comfortable wearing many hats.. That's
why they kept the gig for many years.


"Joey Goldstein" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

JP wrote:

You can't help compare him to Joe Pass or Ulf in this setting.

You can't. I can.

As fine a player that he is, I tend to agree with RB in that, he's not
suited to this ensemble.

You both seem to want to hear things that I don't happen to really want
to hear, and IMO that's all that's going on here. I agree that Lorne is
not the usual thing that OP usually has on guitar. The difference is
that *I* like that and you guys don't.


"Joey Goldstein" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

RB wrote:

Hey Joey,
I wasn't dissing your boy.

He's not "my boy".
He's a friend of mine and he's a fabulous jazz artist.
He's probably on about 30 or more jazz albums playing at a very high
level with all sorts of world-class jazz artists.
You may not have been "dissing" him but you were dismissive of him and
you were trivializing his abilities in a way that someone of your
professional accomplishments has no business doing in a public forum,

Obviously you don't like Lorne's playing on those clips. I do.

"Lofsky is just not a good match for Peterson."

I tend to agree.
An equally valid statement would be that OP doesn't play well in the
style that Lorne does like to play in. Yet Lorne holds his own
in OP's world.

"check out the other clip
on there of Sweet Georgia Brown...Lorne sounds like a fish out of

We have totally different reactions this clip.
To me, Lorne sounds like a breath of fresh air. Of course I haven't
heard OP's solo or NHOP on that date.

"his style is too delicate and he doesnt have the chops
necessary for really working in Peterson's ensemble effectively"

Lorne's style is not *too* delicate for anything.
He holds his own quite nicely in that clip.
He doesn't play with the types of chops that someone like you tends to
play with and tends to like to hear in others. But he plays other
that someone of your tastes wouldn't dream of playing and don't have
ability to play. I've known Lorne a long time and I tend to think that
if he really wanted to play that way he'd be doing it.

find Lorne's sound on those 2 clips to be pretty non

I find that criticism to be pretty non descript.
And I like Lorne's sound.

It's not his fault that he was hired to play
in that band....

If OP personally called you to tour with him when you were in your late
20's or early 30's because he was a fan of yours, what would *you* do?

Joey Goldstein
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Joey Goldstein
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Joey Goldstein
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