Digitech/Hafler G300 Solid State Stereo Amplifier

I was cruising the internet a couple of weeks ago and I saw one of these for
sale. I was attracted to it because I thought it might be cool with some of
the stereo effects that I have. Anyway I put a bid on it and picked it up
for $107.00. Since then I have been test driving it.

Basically, it's 150 watts per channel and it faithfull reproduces whatever
it is that you send into it. Period. But, that is an outstanding quality!
Also, it is quiet. It has three knobs - a volume knob for each channel and a
presence knob.

Those of you who know me, also know that I am pretty much a tube guy. But,
using my various pedals, I can get a wide array of sounds through this
amplifier. And, without any pedals, it reproduces the guitar! Clean.

This is one of my better e-bay finds!