Re: What tune for a group project?

"William D Clinger" <cesura17@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
betsey wrote:
we just need to bite the bullet, pay the copywrite fee or whatever and
do Born to Run--

That works when you're doing a CD, but isn't so easy
when you want to distribute over the World-Wide Web.

It's a long story, but a lot of the problem is that
US law governing so-called "mechanical licenses"
still assumes distribution on physical media.

To distribute over the web, SFAIK, you have to make
your own deal with the copyright owner(s), which isn't
easy even if you have the clout of Apple or Microsoft.
Even if we could make a deal with an individual owner
of copyright, we'd still have to convince the owners of
the web site to make an exception to their no-copyright
rules. Even if we do everything right, visitors to the
site might still assume we're cheating, which wouldn't
be good publicity for the project or newsgroup.

Public domain is definitely the way to go for this


I gave a link in this thread that connects to thousands of PD pieces.
Somebody pick one.