Re: JP Update

good thoughts and wishes coming your way.
Hang in there,
Bob Dorgan
"stringspinner" <johnpearsede@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi, Guys,
> Well, today marks the beginning of the eighth week that I've been
> confined to bed, unable to get to either my computer or my workshop.
> Linda and my physical therapist just manhandled me into my office so
> that I can write some long-overdue emails. Then it's back into the
> damned bed again.
> To top it off I just learned that I have to go back into the hospital
> again on Monday, where a team of doctors will try to jump-start my
> kidneys, control my diabetes, reduce the pain and swelling in my legs
> that make it impossible for me to walk...and to halt - or at least slow
> down - the neuropathy in my legs that is causing sleep-preventing leg
> spasms.
> This is really getting me down, so some positive thoughts would make an
> old stringspinner very happy.
> John Pearse.


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