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The uphill task has already begun - a one-man show - Self help is the
best help, after all !]

I have started converting all my 78rpms film songs into mp3 files in a
folder titled: BCSP; at 160 kbps ,each and every one of them. I record
the songs on my unique deck...say nine( 9 ) at a time and play them
back for any possible corrections to be made.

On confirmation, I take the cassette to my other flat , a 5-mte
walking distance; and convert them into mp3 files at 160 kbps.

To add 'melodic-color' for my future listening sessions shortly, I am
ALSO INCLUDING finest melodic numbers from old Tamil films of the
period: 1940 - 1965 with the SOLE AIM / OBJECTIVE of providing an
opportunity for the general ( not lay) music lover both: Hindustani as
well as Tamil cine music which were, more or less moving along
contemporarily in STYLE, rhythm,composing techniques, orchestration -
the only differentiating factor being - the language...nothing more
than that !!  The most significant PLUS POINT that could be drawn out
by THE REAL AVID / PASSIONATE music afficianado who is always on the
'prowl' for FRESH melodies from the old can always..repeat: always
discover the 'wealth-n-variety of cine music in the format which I
will shortly be introducing in my weekly sessions, blasting at 160

A suggestion.

Since what you are working with is mostly rare material (at least
relatively), I would strongly suggest that you go with lossless
digital conversion instead of ripping them to a lossy format like

Choose any lossless format that you feel comfortable with (I would
suggest FLAC for various reasons) but MP3, no matter what bit rate, is
not suitable for a collection like yours. You can always convert a
lossless file to any other lossy format (including MP3) but the other
way round is not possible.

The ripping process is almost similar and you will find tens of good
freeware to convert/rip to FLAC (or other lossless formats).


Since the majority of the music lovers have been used only to Hindi
film music of the old, they just do not have an inkling / idea of Old
Tamil Cine music. To give you an example:

New Theatres / Calcutta had made about 158 Hindi films in all -- many
are aware of the same. In contrast, Modern Theatres / Salem had made
about 112 Tamil films in total.

I ask one important question to the avid music lover:

Have you ever heard or cared to hear the music of Modern Theaters /
Salem ???

 ---I cannot understand the language--- is not the answer.

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How much would a 4000mb (approx) on 160 kbps mp3 could occupy on FLAC.
(if converted) ?? I think about 75-80% more than mp3 !

True, Flac has its own plus points....but do you imagine the volume of
songs in my library.

I am thinking of going in for a new PC in my music room itself
shortly. It will be 'made by order' to my specifications.Please
suggest me the best specifications as regards hard disk- space/
quality, etc
Money is no problem..

Both Hindi & Tamil oldies in a mixed format is my ultimate objective
to be propagated through BCSP to enlighten the RICHNESS in the melodic
culture of Tamil Cine Music of the period: 1933-1965.

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if you are converting..@ 160 kbps..(an ideal bit rate)
than, at least 6 or 6.5 mb is required for one record
(both sides)..
approx. for 1000 records..which is equal to 2000 songs
for which you need 6000 mb..which is equal to 6 to 6.5 GB..

for better results the palyer (tape) from whcih the conversion
is in process...msut be good..

to me..CD or mini falsh drive is best for back up of data..