Who wrote darshan do ghanshyam ?

In the movie, "Slumdog Millionare", Sant Surdas is given credit for
this song. Although similar sentiments have been expressed in Sur
bhajans, this song from the movie Narsi Bhagat could be penned by the
lyricist Gopal Singh Nepali. However, smriti.com website (http://
pyaasii-re-utf8) gives credit to Narasi Mehta.

Does anybody have any credible source to shed some light?

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On Dec 14, 8:26 pm, Srinivas Ganti <sga...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You are right. The song songs with  " arre dil mere man" and album is
"meera soor kabira".

Interesting day as I came across "meera soor kabira" twice,
first on TV and then in "slumdogmillionare" where one of the
questions is -

Who wrote  darshan do ghanshyam ?
with all above three and Tulsidas as choices


On Dec 14, 7:42 pm, shandips...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Just a wild guess....but would this be one of the videos for Lata's
Soor Meera Kabira (I think that's the order). I vaguely remember one
of the bhajans on that
recording having those lyrics by Kabir. The video, as I remember it,
was shot against the backdrop of the ghats at Varanasi.