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Can someone help me with the meaning of the following
words I came across some ghazals .

You may find useful.

Uzr -- (to make an) excuse (for not doing something)
uzr aane me.n bhi hai aur bulaate bhi nahin
baa'is-e-tark-e-mulaaqaat bataate bhi nahin [Daagh]

Wabasta -- associated with, related to, connected with
tumhaari anjuman se uTh ke deewaane kahaaN jaate
jo waabasta hue tum se woh afsaane kahaaN jaate [Qateel]

Rindon ke -- rind: drinker(s), wastrel(s)
rindo.n ke dam se aatish-e-mai ke baGhair bhi
hai maikade me.n aag baraabar lagi hui [Faiz]

Waiz-e mohtaram; waaiz: preacher; mohtaram: esteemed
kahaaN maiKhaane kaa darwaaza 'Ghalib' aur kahaaN waa'iz
bas itnaa jaante hai.n kal woh jaataa thaa ki ham nikle

Marghala; not sure. Were you looking for "marhala"?
marhala: station, stop, a stage (in a journey)

Hope these help.

Thanks a lot for the meanings , related couplets
and the link but , I am unable to find the meaning when I enter
the words in the search . Am I doing some mistake in searching ?


Hi Kiran,

The Platts dictionary uses diacritic marks. Therefore, if you type
ITRANS or "conventional" Hindi-Urdu as typed in filmi titles, you may
not find what you need. Try using the radio buttons provided in Platts.
For example, you will not find wabasta directly.

Enter basta
Select "Search entry words only"
Select 'words ending with"
Now click on "Search"

It shows:
बस्ता bastā
बसता bastā

Select the link for wa-basta. You will get a new page:

"P wā-basta (wā, 'back,' &c. + basta, qq.v.) part. Bound;
restrained;--referred back (to); related, connected (with), depending
(on);--s.m. A man-servant; a relative, or connexion; a dependant; an

Similarly for rindon:
Enter rin
Select "Search entry words only"
Select 'words starting with"
Now click on "Search"

You will get many words like rind, rindana, etc
Click on rind and you get:

P rind (prob. connec. with S. रद् or रन्ध; cf. randa),
s.m. A sceptic; a knave, rogue; a lewd fellow, reprobate, drunkard,
debauchee, blackguard, profligate, libertine, rake (pl. rindān).

Try this method for the other words too.


Thanks Arun . Is there an easy online dictionary for
finding urdu - english words . Just enter the word and find the meaning

Regards ,