Re: Songs of vivek mushran, ravina tandon starred movie 'Anjaane'

AbhiEJeet wrote:
This movie has fantastic songs especially 'nain tere zuke zuke'. But i
do not find this movie on giitaayan. Am i doing mistake?

If not, oh boy, nobody on earth is going to post lyrics of nain tere
zuke zuke, kaale kaale baadal, huye hai kuchh ham se.

Heard thousand times in 1994. But i don't have cassette now. But i will

Everybody back off!

I think there was another good song in the movie, a duet
where there is some "rooThna~manaana". Filmed literally
around a tree. The song itself used to be shown on TV.
It is news to me that an audio cassette of the songs was
released. Reportedly, about 14 reels were shot before the
film was shelved for good.


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