Re: "Yeh hawa yeh raat yeh chandni" lyrics

rg_marathe@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a fan of Talat Mehamood. I am no expert in urdu, but the obvious
> meaning to me is as follows: (Probably it is obvious to you too, sing
> you sing them).
> > jo gajab mein aaye to kahar hai
> > jo ho meharabaa to karaar hai
> The previous lines are
> " Tujhe kya khabar hai o bekhabar, teri ik nazar main hai kya asar"
> Hence, it is about the 'nazar', and it says that if the nazar is 'angry
> 'it is destructive for me' and if it is 'favouring', it is 'releif to
> my soul'.

OK, that clarifies a lot - because I was not aware that a meaning of
gazab is "angry". I always thought ghazab means "something surprising."


> > hai kalee kalee pe jo mastiyaan
> > teree aankh kaa ye khumaar hai
> The beauty and fragerance of KaleeyanaN is due to the effect of your
> mesmerising and nasheeli 'Nazar'.
> Ravi