Babdi Boobdi - Chitalkar/Lata


Coming back to the songs on Indianscreen..there's a song Babdi Boobdi,Chitalkar&Co-BabdiBoobdi-RajinderKrishan_CRamchandra.mp3

by Chitalkar and Lata. Clearly, the lyrics have been written to fit in
to the tune.

I have heard that tune in a Hollywood musical (pre-1950s MGM). I'm
going nuts trying recall which one. Perhaps other RMIM readers may
know. I checked my Danny Kaye set but the tune wasn't in it - Babdi
Boobdi sounded so much like a Danny Kaye concoction [the nonsense
lyrics, the bongos and rapid-fire chorus at the end]. I don't think it
is a Judy Garland song either.