Re: Beautiful feminine rap music?

purrffecttbliss wrote:
On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 20:57:17 -0600, one hand clapping
<sample@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to hear beautiful, feminine rap music.

Can you name for me a rapper or rappers who make this?

The best example of this that I know of is Big Mama's song "Une jam ligj per ty". I like it for the sound. I can't say anything about the words, though, because it's in Albanian and I know only a few words of Albanian.

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I don't always like her music....but I guess Jean Grae fits the

eh, i dunno... i like jean a lot, but she's got a little too much battle-rap in her style for me to call say it's "beautiful". well, depends on the track, i guess.