Buddy Guy & Jonny Lang

Caught Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang last night. Great concert. Not to be
missed if it comes to your area.

Buddy can still cook, even with one foot in the grave. His play seems
effortless, but so sweet. Lots of Chicago Blues, but he also gave a
series of impressions of Lightnin Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Albert
King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and others. Here's a clip from
another concert this year (not the best audio quality, but you'll get
the idea):
At the end of that clip, he takes off on a tour playing through the
crowd. He did the same last night, and at one point was playing his
guitar about a foot from my face. I do wish I had brought a camera.

Jonny Lang was something else. He gave every bit of himself to each
song he played. His facial expressions remind me of Joe Cocker.

Here's a clip of Buddy & Jonny playing together (along with Ron Wood)
at Crossroads a few years ago: